Pictured from left Amanda Calk, Student Nutrition Services Director; Marqueta Jenkins, Cafeteria Manager; Cecilia Loyola, Francelia Rivera. Not pictured is Flor DeLaCruz.

The Student Nutrition Services Department awarded the first Golden Spatula Award to the Dunbar Cafeteria Staff for their willingness to go above and beyond just serving up plates of food. Student Nutrition Director, Amanda Calk, said that this group of ladies takes creativity to the next level. Calk said, “These ladies do a great job of making lunchtime fun. They dress in different costumes and even chose a ‘Top Tiger’ award each week for students who are respectful and show good behavior in the cafeteria.”


Dorinda Wade, Principal of Dunbar Primary, said, “I am so proud of my cafeteria staff. They truly go above and beyond. You never know what costumes they’ll be wearing to surprise the students and staff, from sailor outfits to a large piece of bacon. They take pictures with the students, they know each and every one of them. These ladies take pride in their work and put smiles on all of our faces.”


The ladies were surprised with a homemade cookie cake made with love from Mrs. Calk, lunch and the coveted golden spatula. Congratulations to Marqueta Jenkins, Cafeteria Manager; Cecilia Loyola, Francelia Rivera and Flor DeLaCruz.

Dressed for success, the Dunbar cafeteria ladies make lunchtime fun.

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