Tonight was a special night for the 29 parents who graduated in the inaugural Class of 2024 Parent University. 

Parent University, a collaborative effort between Lufkin ISD’s 21st Century Texas ACE Afterschool program and community partners and volunteers, offers a comprehensive array of educational opportunities to parents, from GED and ESL classes to Citizenship, Art, Digital Literacy, Parenting, Health & Nutrition, Math, and Literacy workshops.

This milestone ceremony marks the first graduation of Parent University, recognizing parents who have completed the graduation requirements for the 2023-2024 school year.

There were two speakers at the celebration: Carla Owen, a Power Up Club, Anderson Elementary School parent who serves on the Family Engagement Advisory Team as well as  community partner with East Texas Cancer Alliance of Hope and Adriana Solis, the Director for the Bilingual Department.

The graduation ceremony signified the dedication and perseverance of our parent community. Thank you to our community  partners and volunteers for their unwavering support in ensuring the accessibility and cost-free nature of these transformative programs.

Photos by: SHEILA ADAMS/Lufkin ISD