Garrett Primary

For the 2022-2023 school year, 3K students from Hackney Primary will combine with the 4K students to attend school at the Garrett Primary campus located at 229 Leach Street. The move comes due to the decline in enrollment for PreK services. 

“We have an excellent PreK program that prepares students with key skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary for Kindergarten and beyond. The decline in enrollment, which may be due to Covid-19 insecurities or other personal reasons, has resulted in hiring fewer teachers and empty classrooms,” said Lynn Torres, Lufkin ISD Superintendent.

Hackney Primary furniture and resources will be moved to Garrett Primary this summer to be ready for the 2022-2023 school year. Kelly Proutt has been named the principal at Garrett Primary and Cheree Hall, Associate Principal. All Hackney staff will teach at Garrett, and both 3K and 4K students will report to Garrett Primary on the first day of school.

Hackney Primary

With Hackney students and staff moving  out of the building located on 708 Lubbock, the ACE facility will be closed in Redland and the staff and students moved to the Hackney campus. 

“This will be a good move for our staff and students housed at ACE. The current facility at the Redland campus is not convenient for transportation or providing hot meals during the day. It is an aging campus that will require some renovation in the future. Every facility study we have done has emphasized the issues with the Redland location and physical plant. We’ve been looking for a financially equitable solution for a suitable building for ACE and this is a good choice for repurposing a campus during this time of low enrollment,” said Torres.

For parents wanting to enroll their PreK students, register online at 

“The future of public school will have changes and challenges, and enrollment will ebb and flow, but we are making decisions based on the  best interests for our staff, students, and community,” said Torres