PRIZE PATROL 2017 teachers and grants:

Lufkin Middle School:

Rice Around the World (Emily Lawrence) $664.64

Get the Ball Rolling (Amy Rush, Kerri Goetzman, Kim Flores, Denise Nicholson) $4488

Burley Primary:

Scan for Success (Laura Yuja) $1525

Fluttering Through the Life Cycles (Angela Hancock, Tina Luna) $1135.28

Buzzing With Engagement (Angela Hancock, Tina Luna, Kathy Eberlan, Teresa Aguilar) $1021.42

Slack Elementary:

Dream Stream Laboratory (Gustavo Monsante, Viola Moreland, Diana Sandoval, Larry Cupit, Carol Riley, Camille Jones, Angie Lassiter) $4999.30

Anderson Elementary:

Skate Pass Program (Aby Goff, Wyndie Shephard $2838.60

Lufkin High School:     

Physics Day in Aggieland (Lorelei Cummings) $2012

Innovator Rover (LHS Science Department) $5000

EMPOWER (Suzy Jungmann, Jennifer Stover, Vada Hughes, STEM Academy) $5000

STEMposium (Vada Hughes, Suzy Jungmann) $5000

Animal Weigh Station (Kellye Marshall, Elmo Lawson, Anna Lamb) $2413.71

Career and Technical Education Sewing and Construction Lab ( Katie Pruitt) $1444.86

Herty Primary:

Sensory Input to Increase Learning (Jana Richardson, James Wade, Tonya Turnage, Lena Nickle) $2023.89

Dunbar Primary:

Family Art Night (Rebecca Tucker, Lori Bennett, Kathy Goehring, Sarah Dixon, Connie Shriver, Jamie Mahan) $3018.75

We are Makers (Sarah Dixon) $618.70

Garrett Primary:

Technology Integration on Smartboards and Student Computers (Tammy Joseph, Rocio Cochran, Maria Hernandez, Natasha Thompson) $994.00

Growing Gardeners (Carol McCoy, Kristy Mooney, Christine Heaton, Nancy Conley) $2935

Brandon Elementary

Remember the Epidemics (Teresa Roe) $708.56

Brookhollow Elementary:

Help Me Help Myself (Nancy Horn) $868.17

My Goals I Will Meet in My Flexible Seat (Cook, Sullivan, Cizlak, Dempsey, Loera) $4469.70

Trout Primary:

STEAM with Legos (Angela Dean) $989.22

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